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Leadership & Management Development

If you have been promoted to management in education, you may well have received little or no real training in this area. We offer leadership and management training that is aimed at supporting you and developing your skills as a team leader and motivator of colleagues. We believe that the leadership is developed from within and avoid jargon-laden training; we work with you to develop your skills and potential as a leader at whatever level. Open courses or in-house training can be provided that is tailored to the needs of the delegates. We also provide coaching and mentoring to allow senior leaders to move on with their skills and abilities to lead well.

Leadership and Management Training Courses:

Meaningful Leadership

Team Leader Development

A values-based approach to leadership

Managing people for the first time

Enabling Leadership


Consultancy services

We offer:

  • Executive coaching and mentoring for Education leaders, Head teachers and Senior Managers
  • Interim management to help develop the curriculum and middle managers for schools and Local Authorities
  • In-house support for aspects of management and learning in failing schools
  • In-house training to develop teaching and learning skills in the classroom.
  • In-house support and mentoring for budget holders to enable them to gain best use of their budget and plan confidently for the future.

Authorities and schools already supported include: Swindon, Dudley, Lewisham, Isle of Wight, Telford and Portsmouth

Courses are written and developed for training in schools for INSET days as well as department support especially for literacy and humanities and cross-curricular work. We work with pupils and teachers to improve motivation, improve behaviour and progress teaching and learning.


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